The Journey

Tracing The Future We Shape is an immersive experience that invites the audience to explore how their actions can affect the collective memory of a place.

Using an LED light, nylon thread and captured using a custom processing script, the installation traces the path of light formed as visitors swing a pendulum in the darkness and watch on as this is projected into the space in real time.


Upon arrival, we are presented with a screen displaying a layered accumulation of light tracery, an allegory the visual appeal of the city.


Glimpsing the moving light beyond, we are encouraged to explore and interact. The device in motion is representative of the ‘machine’ of the city,
its oscillating form generating the vision presented before us as we enter.


Rounding the first screen reveals a second screen beyond, a real-time representation of the movement of the light.

The light will be set in motion – either by us or our host – and the shape that this forms reveals itself on this second screen as a dancing trace of light. Once the light sits at rest, the complete image is added to the vision presented on screen one.


All are encouraged to disrupt the form of this vision by pulling on the cord and changing the z-axis – change is in our hands.

Through engagement and interaction we can disrupt the self-fulfilling impotence of inaction and shape the image of the city that we desire.

Our journey circles back in front of the first screen, and we are able to observe our contribution to the vision.